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Thanks for making a contribution to a Ballot measure project related article. Here is a page that should help provide some background about our project and useful tools and links:

If you have any questions about the projects or a specific article, please let me know.

We look forward to your future contributions!!

Brittany Clingen
Project director, Ballot Measures

Hello Seville1978. Thank you for your contributions to Colorado Fetal Personhood, Amendment 62 (2010). However, because the recently added material was not cited appropriately (please see the note below) I have removed the recent addition. If you have a source that we can cite then the material can be re-added. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks. BaileyL 11:12, 1 December 2010 (CST)

Thank you for contributing to Ballotpedia.

You recently added some information to an article without providing a source such as a citation or footnote.

It is important to provide a citation or reference to justify adding information so that readers can assess the legitimacy of the information for themselves.

This tutorial explains in detail how to add footnotes.

Ballotpedia staff has added references to the information you recently added on Ballotpedia. In the future, the information you add will be removed if you do not provide a source.

Thank you!
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