Utah's John Swallow still under investigation

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May 30, 2013

By Sarah Rosier


SALT LAKE CITY, Utah: John Swallow, Attorney General of Utah, has been under investigation since just three days after he assumed his current position. The relationship he had with businessman Jeremy Johnson, who is claiming that Swallow assisted him in an attempt to bribe Senator Harry Reid to avoid any federal investigations into Johnson's business dealings, is just one of the questions Swallow is being asked to answer. Other allegations include possible professional indiscretions that the Utah Bar Association is investigating and issues with financial disclosure from his candidacy.[1]

These allegations have caused the Utah House of Representatives to consider beginning impeachment proceedings. According to an article in the Daily Herald, an unnamed House member polled other members to see if there was enough support to begin the proceedings. Utah House Speaker Becky Lockhart (R) recently sent out information on the process for impeachment proceedings to all representatives.[2]
The news of a top Utah Republican facing such allegations is also troubling to Republicans running for office in 2014. Mia Love, a candidate for Utah's 4th Congressional District in 2014, told the Deseret News, "I can tell you that it's been very disappointing to see all of the things that have come out and I really hope we resolve it soon."[1]

It would require a two-thirds majority approval to begin impeachment procedures in the Utah House. If they reached the necessary majority, a committee of representatives would conduct their own investigation of the allegations Swallow faces.[2][3]

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