Utah Attorney General to continue work through chemotherapy

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December 29, 2010


SALT LAKE CITY, Utah: In early-December 2010, State Attorney General Mark Shurtleff announced through YouTube that doctors had discovered a "malignant tumor in his appendix" and that he had undergone emergency surgery in order to have it removed.[1][2] Shortly thereafter, however, cancer was found in three lymph nodes and additional surgery was required "to remove part of his colon on his right side."[3]

Just prior to the Christmas holiday, Shurtleff announced that he intended to stay in office and perform his public duties while he underwent six months of chemotherapy for colon cancer starting around the end of January. "Each round of treatment will consist of six hours in the clinic, and then 48 hours of intravenous injections at home," which, in turn, will force him to reduce travel and public appearances.[4]

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