Utah Redistricting Committee endorses new map

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September 28, 2011


SALT LAKE CITY, Utah: The Utah State Legislature's Redistricting Committee endorsed a new map on Tuesday. This map splits Salt Lake County into three of the four total districts, which has received harsh criticism from the Democratic party. The committee will meet again on Thursday to make any final modifications before submitting its final map.[1]

Democrats had sought a sort of "doughnut hole" map, which would have divided the state into three urban districts centered in the Salt Lake area with one large rural district around it, while Republicans favored a more "pizza slice" style map which would have divided the state into 4 urban/rural combination districts.

Speaker of the House Rebecca Lockhart claimed that this map is a sort of hybrid of those two maps. She stated "It is a combination of areas of our state that basically had enough babies and enough people move in to give us the fourth seat."[1]

Democratic Party Chairman Jim Dabakis said that the map was gerrymandering and would discourage Democrats from voting. He stated, "It causes people to feel disenfranchised because they feel like it doesn't matter."[1]


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