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Utah State Records Committee

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Utah State Records Committee
Leadership: The committee is required to select a chair from among its members.
Founded by: Utah Government Records Access and Management Act
Website: https://web.archive.org/web/2/http://archives.utah.gov/src/src-members.html
The committee has the power to approve records retention and disposal schedules and hold hearings to decide appeals for records requests.

The Utah State Records Committee was established by the Utah Government Records Access and Management Act in order to better assist the state in enforcing the open records act by approving records retention and disposal schedules and holding hearings to decide appeals for records requests.


The duties of the committee:

  • meet at least once every three months
  • review and approve retention and disposal schedules
  • hear appeals concerning questions of access to public records
  • appoint a chairman[1]

One of the most important duties of the committee is hearing and deciding appeals concerning questions of access to public records. Appeals must be submitted to the committee within 30 days of the original denial or 45 days of the original request. Appeals must contain the petitioners name and contact information, the copy of the denial, and the relief sought. Within five days of receiving a request for appeal, the committee must schedule a hearing at the next meeting not sooner than 14 days and not later than 52 days after receiving the appeal. The committee must decide the appeal within 5 days of the hearing. The committee may deny an appeal if it has already ruled on similar records in the past.[2]


The members of the committee are appointed by the governor with the approval of the senate. Members may serve up to two 4-year terms and will receive only a per diem for expenses related to public duty. The committee membership is composed of:

  • an individual in the private sector whose job requires the creation of records similar to those that are created by the government
  • the state auditor or the auditor's designee
  • the director of the Division of State History or the director's designee
  • the governor or the governor's designee
  • one citizen member
  • one elected official representing political subdivisions and
  • one individual representing the news media[3]

2010 members

  • Gary Ott, Local Government
  • Chris Hansen, State History
  • Lex Hemphill, Media
  • Patricia Smith-Mansfield, Governor's Designee
  • Scott Whittaker, Private Records Manager, Chair
  • Betsy Ross, State Auditor's Designee
  • Scott Daniels, Citizen Member
  • Susan Mumford of the Utah State Archives serves as the non-voting Executive Secretary

To submit an appeal, contact:
Susan Mumford
346 S. Rio Grande
Salt Lake City, UT 84101-1106
Phone: (801) 531-3861

Meeting information

The records committee is required to hold semi-regular meetings to discuss business and hear appeals.[4]

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