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January 14, 2011

Craig Frank (R) recently realized he does not live in the district that he was elected to serve.

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah: Representative Craig Frank (R) was removed from office after it was revealed that his new residence is outside of his district.[1]

In 2009, Frank moved to a new home, that he thought was still in District 57. But in fact, that home is in District 27. District 57 and District 27 were split from one another in the 2000 redistricting process.

Frank is pushing to be reinstated, under the premise that legislators never intended for his current home to be re-drawn into District 27 after the 2000 census.[2]

The 2011 session begins on January 24, 2011. Frank is challenging the ruling to try and get reinstated as the representative.[1]

Republican delegates from Utah County will now meet to elect a replacement. Frank is pushing for a special section to redraw the boundaries.[3]

Some voters living in Cedar Hills have been voting in the incorrect district since the maps were completed in 2002.[1]

Frank discovered the error after the 2010 election. He typed his address into the House website, only to discover that it was not his own picture, but in fact that of John Dougall (R).[2]

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