Vendors and consultants to California's 2014 ballot proposition campaigns

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The charts on this page show the main firms and organizations who provided paid consulting services to statewide ballot propositions on California's 2014 ballot.

The primary types of consulting or paid services a firm might provide are:

  • Public opinion research/polling. Public opinion research is what a campaign uses to identify the themes and messages that are most likely to cause voters to support or oppose a particular ballot proposition. Firms such as Public Opinion Strategies and David Binder Research do this type of work.
  • Communications strategy (what messages and themes should a campaign emphasize?). This type of work is performed by groups such as Townsend, Raimundo and Woodward & McDowell.
  • Signature collection to qualify a proposition for the ballot. National Petition Management, Kimball Petition Management and others perform this type of work.
  • Legal work. This can include drafting the language for a proposed proposition, making sure that a campaign committee is legally compliant with campaign finance and other laws, and engaging in litigation either by filing a lawsuit against a ballot proposition or defending, if someone else files such a lawsuit.

One or more campaigns

In this chart, and the charts below it, a green background indicates that the firm was working for the side that advocated a "yes" vote, while a red background indicates that the firm was working for the side that advocated a "no" vote.

Vendor/consultant 41 42
Brian Brokaw Consulting, LLC $7,500.
David Binder Research $14,000.
JPMM, Inc. $53,194
Kaufman Legal Group $10,269
M Strategic Communications $6,743