Verdigre School Board recall, Knox County, Nebraska, 2009

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Petitions have been submitted for the recall of all members of the Verdigre School Board in Knox County, Nebraska. Th six members of the school board include Mara Breithaupt, Paul Drobny, Marty Konopasek, Duane Liska, Peggy Liska and Melissa McCormick. The election for recall was held on October 8, 2009. After the election occurred, none of the six members of the school board were removed from office and the recall effort was defeated. In a turnout that amounted to approximately 79 percent of voters, each member was voted to keep their position on the board by large margins.[1]
Board Member Yes No Result
Paul Drobny 249 (38.4%) 400 (61.6%) Defeatedd
Peggy Liska 243 (37.5%) 405 (62.5%) Defeatedd
Mara Breithaupt 246 (38%) 402 (62%) Defeatedd
Melissa McCormick 235 (36.2%) 414 (63.8%) Defeatedd
Marty Konopasek 237 (36.5%) 412 (63.5%) Defeatedd
Duane R. Liska 235 (36.2%) 414 (63.8%) Defeatedd

The effort was being led by residents who are in disagreement with a $4 million school bond issue that was passed last year. In November, voters approved the bond in a vote of 316-284, however, residents filed a lawsuit alleging the board of holding illegal secret meetings. Residents are currently appealing a judge’s ruling to dismiss the accusations.

Knox County Clerk Joann Fischer stated there is a Saturday deadline to verify the signatures. She also stated that each petition must have 163 valid signatures from area registered voters to have a recall election.[2]

Petition circulators stated that each petition collected more than 220 signatures.[3]

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