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Virginia State Senate elections, 2015

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Elections for the office of Virginia State Senate will take place in 2015. A primary election will be held on June 9, 2015, and the general election November 3, 2015. The signature-filing deadline for candidates wishing to run in this election was March 9, 2015.[1]

Incumbents retiring

Name Party Current Office
Jeffrey McWaters[2] Ends.png Republican Senate District 8
John Watkins[3] Ends.png Republican Senate District 10
Walter Stosch[4] Ends.png Republican Senate District 12
Ralph Smith[5] Ends.png Republican Senate District 19
Charles Colgan[6] Electiondot.png Democratic Senate District 29
Toddy Puller[7] Electiondot.png Democratic Senate District 36

Majority control

See also: Partisan composition of state senates

Heading into the November 3 election, the Republican Party holds the majority in the Virginia State Senate:

Virginia State Senate
Party As of March 2015 After November 3, 2015
     Democratic Party 19 Pending
     Republican Party 21 Pending
Total 40 40
Candidate ballot access
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State senators must be at least 21 years of age at the time of the election, residents of the district they represent, and qualified to vote for members of the Virginia General Assembly.[8]

List of candidates

Pending once an official list of candidates becomes available.

District 1

Democratic Party John Miller[9]
Republican Party John Bloom[10]

District 2

Democratic Party Mamie Locke[9]

District 3

Republican Party Tommy Norment[11]

District 4

Republican Party Ryan McDougle[9]

District 5

Democratic Party Kenny Alexander[9]

District 6

Democratic Party Lynwood Lewis[9]
Republican Party Richard Ottinger[12]

District 7

Republican Party Frank Wagner[9]
Democratic Party Gary McCollum[13]

District 8

Republican Party Bill R. DeSteph, Jr[9]
Democratic Party Dave Belote[9]

District 9

Democratic Party Donald McEachin[9]

District 10

Republican Party Glen Sturtevant[14]
Republican Party Steve Thomas (withdrew)[15][16]
Republican Party Bruce Tyler (withdrew)[17][16]
Democratic Party Emily Francis[18]
Democratic Party Dan Gecker[19]
Libertarian Party Carl Loser[20]

District 11

Republican Party Amanda Chase[21]
Republican Party Steve Martin[22]
Republican Party Barry Moore[23]

District 12

Republican Party Siobhan Dunnavant[24]
Republican Party Vince Haley[25]
Republican Party Bill Janis[26]
Republican Party Edward Whitlock[9]

District 13

Republican Party Dick Black[9]
Democratic Party Jill McCabe[27]

District 14

Republican Party John Cosgrove[9]

District 15

Republican Party Frank Ruff[9]

District 16

Democratic Party Rosalyn Dance[28]
Democratic Party Joseph Morrissey[29]
Democratic Party Joseph Preston[30]

District 17

Republican Party Bryce Reeves[9]
Democratic Party Traci Dippert[31]

District 18

Democratic Party Louise Lucas[9]

District 19

Republican Party David Suetterlein[32]
Democratic Party Michael Hamlar[33]

District 20

Republican Party Bill Stanley[9]
Democratic Party Kim Adkins[34]
Democratic Party Bill Webb (withdrew)[35][36]
Independent Elaine Hildebrandt[9]

District 21

Democratic Party John Edwards[37]
Republican Party Nancy Dye[38]

District 22

Republican Party Thomas Garrett[9]

District 23

Republican Party Stephen Newman[9]

District 24

Republican Party Emmett Hanger[39]
Republican Party Dan Moxley[40]
Republican Party Marshall Pattie[41]
Republican Party Donald Sheets[42]

District 25

Democratic Party Creigh Deeds[9]

District 26

Republican Party Mark Obenshain[43]
Democratic Party April Moore[44]

District 27

Republican Party Jill Vogel[45]

District 28

Republican Party Richard Stuart[9]

District 29

Democratic Party Michael Futrell[46]
Democratic Party Jeremy McPike[47]
Democratic Party Atif Qarni[48]
Republican Party Hal Parrish[49]

District 30

Democratic Party Adam Ebbin[50]

District 31

Democratic Party Barbara Favola[50]

District 32

Democratic Party Janet Howell[51]

District 33

Democratic Party Jennifer Wexton[50]
Republican Party Stephen Hollingshead[52]
Republican Party Ron Meyer (withdrew)[53][54]

District 34

Democratic Party Chap Petersen[50]

District 35

Democratic Party Dick Saslaw[50]

District 36

Democratic Party Mark Cannady[50]
Democratic Party Scott Surovell[55]
Republican Party Jerry Foreman[56]

District 37

Democratic Party Dave Marsden[50]

District 38

Republican Party A. Benton Chafin[9]

District 39

Democratic Party George Barker[50]

District 40

Republican Party Bill Carrico[9]

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