Voter registration beings for New Hampshire's 2012 general election

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October 15, 2012

New Hampshire

By Tyler King

CONCORD, New Hampshire: Eligible voters are now able to register to vote in New Hampshire's 2012 general election.[1]

How to Register

  • Apply to your town or city clerk’s office. You will be required to fill out a standard voter registration form and will be required to show proof of age, citizenship and domicile.
  • It may be easier for you to register with your community’s Supervisors of the Checklist. By law, they are required to meet on the Saturday 10 days prior to each election. Check the local newspaper(s) or call your clerk’s office for the date and time of such meeting.
  • Qualified individuals may also register to vote at the polling place on Election Day at all elections. You will be asked to show proof of age, citizenship and domicile.

Absentee Registration

If you meet the state’s voter requirements and qualifications and are unable to register in person because of physical disability, religious beliefs, military service, or because of temporary absence, you may register by mail. You should request an absentee voter registration affidavit and a standard voter registration form from your town or city clerk. The absentee voter registration affidavit must be witnessed and then both the affidavit and the voter registration form are to be returned to your town or city clerk.

Voter Registration Deadlines

  • October 27, 2012: Last day to register to vote until the General Election.
  • November 6, 2012: GENERAL ELECTION DAY – Unregistered voters may register and vote on this day.

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