Voters challenge South Carolina's redistricting plan

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South Carolina

November 15, 2011

Columbia, South Carolina: A group of African-American voters filed suit last Friday, challenging South Carolina's congressional redistricting map. On October 31, the US Department of Justice gave pre-clearance to the plan under the Voting Rights Act. However, this approval does not bar legal challenges against the maps.[1]

The group argues that the plan creates a system of electoral "apartheid" by packing black voters into a single US House district. This majority-minority district, like those found in many states, is officially intended to comply with the VRA requirement that minorities have the opportunity to elect candidates of their own race. However, opponents of the new boundaries argue that the law, a relic of a less tolerant past, is being manipulated to the disadvantage of modern black voters.[1]

State Republicans argue that the challenge is politically motivated. The plaintiffs in the case are being represented by a prominent Democratic attorney, but the party itself has not yet decided to challenge the plan.[1]

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