Voters go to the polls in two special elections tomorrow

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December 13, 2010

By Geoff Pallay

SLP badge 2010 election.jpg

Voters will elect representatives to fill vacant seats in South Carolina and Texas tomorrow, in what will be the final state legislative elections of 2010.[1]

There are two total districts holding special elections.

The race in South Carolina is to replace William Wylie (R), who died of a heart attack in September 2010.[2]

The two candidates running in South Carolina are:

Democratic Party Susan Scarborough Smith
Republican Party Phyllis Henderson

In Texas, voters will fill the vacated seat of Edmund Kuempel (R), who died of a heart attack in November 2010.[3] There are 9 candidates running for the seat.[4] One candidate dropped out last month after initially declaring to run.[5]

Democratic Party Daniel Rodriguez Andrade
Democratic Party Cheryl Dees Patterson
Republican Party Ron Avery
Republican Party Chris Burchell
Republican Party Gary Inmon
Republican Party John Kuempel
Republican Party Myrna McLeroy
Republican Party Robin R. Walker
Libertarian Party Tony Gergely

In order to win election on Tuesday, one of the 10 candidates in Texas needs to gain 50 percent of the vote. If no candidate receives 50 percent, there will be a runoff between the two leading vote getters. The runoff has not yet been scheduled.[4]

Polls in South Carolina open at 7 a.m. and close at 7 p.m.[1]

In Texas, Allan Ritter announced he would switch from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party, giving the Republicans 99 members in the House. If a Republican wins the vacant seat, the GOP would reach 100 members, which would provide a supermajority in the chamber.

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