Voters in 9 of 13 California school districts say "yes" to parcel taxes

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May 4, 2011


On May 3, voters in 9 school districts in six counties approved parcel tax requests ranging from $49/parcel for 6 years to $110.60/parcel for 8 years.[1] Voters in a 7th county (Alameda County) rejected 2 parcel tax proposals as did voters in San Mateo County and Contra Costa County; counties that also saw several successful parcel tax elections.

The overall approval percentage of 9 out of 13 parcel tax measures on May 3 came to slightly more than 69%.

Earlier in the year, on March 8, 2011, voters approved 3 of 4 parcel tax elections. The March 8 and May 3 results, combined, mean that 12 school district parcel taxes have been approved in 2011, while 5 have been rejected, for an overall approval percentage for the year thus far of 70.5%.

The 70.5% approval rating in 2011 is higher than the typical approval rating of school district parcel tax elections. Between 1983 and May 3, 2011, elections took place on 559 school district parcel tax requests. 301 of the school district parcel tax measures were approved, for an overall approval rating in that 28-year period of 53.85%.[2] Note that in the period 1983-2011, a number of school districts held more than one parcel tax vote, so the figure of 301 approvals does not mean that 301 different school districts adopted a parcel tax.

School district parcel tax elections from 1983-May 3, 2011
Status Number  %
Approveda Approved 301 53.85%
Defeatedd Defeated 258 46.15%
Totals: 559 100%

Results for all May 3 parcel tax elections

Measure County Details Outcome

Cupertino Union, Measure C Santa Clara $125 for 6 years Approveda
Davis, Measure A Yolo $200 for 2 years Approveda
Dixie School District, Measure A Marin $352 for 8 years Approveda
Jefferson Union, Measure C San Mateo $96 for 4 years Defeatedd
John Swett, Measure A Contra Costa $60 for 4 years Defeatedd
Lafayette, Measure B Contra Costa $176 for 4 years Approveda
Los Altos, Measure E Santa Clara $193 for 6 years Approveda
Los Gatos-Saratoga, Measure A Santa Cruz $49 for 6 years Approveda
New Haven Unified, Measure B Alameda $180 for 4 years Defeatedd
Pleasanton Unified, Measure E Alameda $98 for 4 years Defeatedd
Ravenswood City, Measure B San Mateo $98 for 7 years Approveda
San Carlos, Measure A San Mateo $110.60 for 8 years Approveda
Sunnyvale, Measure B Santa Clara $59 for 7 years Approveda

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