Voters in Maryland, Utah give thumbs up to incumbents in school board primaries

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June 25, 2014

By Nick Katers

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School board incumbents in Maryland and Utah shared the good fortunes of their congressional and state legislative colleagues in primary elections on June 24, 2014.

Of the 27 incumbents running in school board primary races covered by Ballotpedia, only Davis board member Peter Cannon was ousted by challengers. Turnout in the Maryland primaries was historically low with a statewide turnout of 22 percent despite a contested gubernatorial primary and primaries for county offices.[1] Utah also experienced light turnout ranging from six percent to 16 percent in Davis County due to sparse primary ballots.[2]

These primary results set up some intriguing races for the general election on November 4, 2014. Races in Calvert County, Charles County and Prince George's County in Maryland pit incumbents against former board members. The Howard County Public Schools election on November 4, 2014, could hinge on voter opinions of the current board's actions toward members past and present. Former member Allen Dyer and current member Cynthia L. Vaillancourt advanced from the primary despite ethics claims made by a four-member majority on the board. This majority includes two-term incumbent Sandra H. French, who finished behind front-runner Vaillancourt but still reached the general election.[3][4]


Note: An (i) next to a candidate's name indicates incumbent status.


Calvert County Public Schools
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Dawn C. Balinski (i)
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Pamela L. Cousins
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Eugene "Gene" Karol (i)
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg William J. "Bill" Phalen
UncheckedBox.jpg Billy Saunders

Carroll County Public Schools
UncheckedBox.jpg Gary W. Desper
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg George E. Harmening
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Virginia R. Harrison (i)
UncheckedBox.jpg Mary Kowalski
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Bob Lord
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Charles "Bud" Nason
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Jim Roenick
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Devon Rothschild

Charles County Public Schools
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Jennifer S. Abell (i)
UncheckedBox.jpg Carl Blumenstein
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Mark Crawford
UncheckedBox.jpg Jocelyn Mann Denyer
UncheckedBox.jpg Betsy Marie Eubanks
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Lorina Harris
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Jason Henry Sr.
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Victoria Talley Kelly
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Karla M. Kornegay
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Michael Lukas (i)
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Margaret T. Marshall
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Virginia McGraw
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Barbara Palko
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Melissa Pascarella
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Robert Michael Pitts
UncheckedBox.jpg Derrick Terry
UncheckedBox.jpg Marcus Tillman
UncheckedBox.jpg Richard Wallace
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Michael A. Wilson
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Stephen Ziegler

Frederick County Public Schools
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Liz Barrett
UncheckedBox.jpg Jonathan C. Carothers
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Colleen E. Cusimano (i)
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Mike Ferrell
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Millicent Hall
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Kenneth Kerr
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg April Fleming Miller (i)
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Richard S. Vallaster III
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Brad W. Young (i)

Harford County Public Schools
District B
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Robert "Bob" Frisch (i)
UncheckedBox.jpg Greg Johnson
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Laura Runyeon

District C
UncheckedBox.jpg John Anker
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Alysson L. Krchnavy (i)
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Joseph L. Voskuhl

District D
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Nancy Reynolds (i)
UncheckedBox.jpg Chris Scholz
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Mike Simon
UncheckedBox.jpg Tishan D. Weerasooriya

District E
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Rachel Gauthier
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Arthur Kaff (i)
UncheckedBox.jpg Stephen Eric Macko
UncheckedBox.jpg Barney Michel

District F
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Thomas Fitzpatrick (i)
UncheckedBox.jpg Joe Fleckenstein
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Michael R. Hitchings

Howard County Public Schools
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Bess I. Altwerger
UncheckedBox.jpg Corey Andrews
UncheckedBox.jpg Tom Baek
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Zaneb K. Beams
UncheckedBox.jpg Olga Butler
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Allen Dyer
UncheckedBox.jpg Maureen Evans Arthurs
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Sandra H. French (i)
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Dan Furman
UncheckedBox.jpg Leslie Kornreich
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Christine O'Connor
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Mike Smith
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Cynthia L. Vaillancourt (i)

Montgomery County Public Schools
UncheckedBox.jpg Edward Amatetti
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Shebra Evans
UncheckedBox.jpg Merry Eisner-Heidorn
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Jill Ortman-Fouse

Prince George's County Public Schools
District 3
UncheckedBox.jpg Clarence Emmanuel
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Dinora A. Hernandez
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Amber Waller (i)

District 6
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Carolyn M. Boston (i)
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Pat Fletcher
UncheckedBox.jpg Darin Kenley

District 9
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Domonique A. Flowers
UncheckedBox.jpg Johnnie R. Isaac
UncheckedBox.jpg Denise M. Joseph
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Sonya Williams (i)

St. Mary's County Public Schools
District 1
UncheckedBox.jpg Randy Darnowsky
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg John Alonzo Gaskin
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Rita Weaver

Washington County Public Schools
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Jacqueline Fischer (i)
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Mike Guessford
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Karen J. Harshman (i)
UncheckedBox.jpg Henry House
UncheckedBox.jpg Mindy Marsden
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Ryan Richard Miner
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Peter E. Perini Sr.
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Stan Stouffer


Alpine School District
District 2
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Lynne Brockbank Mower
UncheckedBox.jpg Caroldean Neves
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Wendy K. Hart (i)
UncheckedBox.jpg Annette Kindt

District 5
UncheckedBox.jpg Todd Seager
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg JoDee C. Sundberg (i)
UncheckedBox.jpg Megan Keller
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Maynard R. Olsen
UncheckedBox.jpg Amy Garner
UncheckedBox.jpg Keri Guinn
UncheckedBox.jpg Heidi M. Bailey

Canyons School District
District 2
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Kim Murphy Horiuchi (i)
UncheckedBox.jpg Von Hortin
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Amber Shill

District 4
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Clareen Arnold
UncheckedBox.jpg Charles Hardy
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Tracy Scott Cowdell (i)

Davis School District
Precinct 3
UncheckedBox.jpg Barbara Beard-White
UncheckedBox.jpg Hiram Alba
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg David S. Nelson
UncheckedBox.jpg Peter Cannon (i)
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Julie Tanner
UncheckedBox.jpg Walter C. Bornemeier

Precinct 6
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Thomas Waggoner
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Mona Andrus
UncheckedBox.jpg Michael Sperry

Jordan School District
Precinct 2
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Gary O. Hansen
UncheckedBox.jpg Ben Hunter
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Matthew G. Young

Precinct 3
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Roy Hayward
UncheckedBox.jpg Charlie Peterson
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Susan Pulsipher (i)
UncheckedBox.jpg R. Timothy Ellingson

Precinct 7
UncheckedBox.jpg Wendi Mott
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Jen Atwood
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Teresa Atherley

Salt Lake City School District
Precinct 6
UncheckedBox.jpg Suzanne Kirk Hawker
UncheckedBox.jpg Carol Barlow Lear
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Weston Clark
UncheckedBox.jpg Kevin Conway
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Melissa H. Ford

Washington County School District
District 5
UncheckedBox.jpg David S. Eves
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Eileen McKell
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg David B. Stirland

Weber School District
District 3
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg John W. Bradley
UncheckedBox.jpg Steven C. Elsnab
CheckedBoxOffset.jpg Brent W. Richardson (i)

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