Voters supported "right to hunt" in three of four states

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November 9, 2010

Arizona, Arkansas, South Carolina, Tennessee: Like other popular topics like marijuana legalization and health care choice, the "right to hunt" was an issue tackled by various states across the country on the night of November 2nd. Voters in Arizona, Arkansas, South Carolina and Tennessee all tackled the issue.

The four measures proposed constitutionally protecting the right to hunt and fish within the state. Some called the measures "unnecessary" and "frivolous." However, supporters argued that the measures were necessary as preemptive steps against future measures or legislative changes that might ban hunting or drastically change the current laws.

On November 2 three of the four proposed measures were approved by voters and one, in Arizona, was defeated. Measures in Arkansas, South Carolina and Tennessee received more than 80% votes in favor, while in Arizona the vote resulted in only 44% in favor.

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