Wabash County, Illinois

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Wabash County is one of 102 counties in the State of Illinois

Website evaluation

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Transparency Grade
Budget N
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Meetings N
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Elected Officials N
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Administrative Officials N
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Permits, zoning N
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Audits N
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Contracts N
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Lobbying N
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Public records N
600px-Red x.png
Local taxes N
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Wabash County does not currently have an official county website. A partial listing of county officials can be found at the National Association of Counties website.[1]


Main article: Illinois government sector lobbying associations

Wabash County belong to government sector lobbying associations. Two organizations it belongs to are the Illinois State's Attorneys Association and the Illinois Association of County Treasurers.[2]

Year Association Amount
2010 Illinois State's Attorneys Association $250
2009 Illinois State's Attorneys Association $250
2008 Illinois State's Attorneys Association $250
2007 Illinois State's Attorneys Association $250
2006 Illinois State's Attorneys Association $200
2005 Illinois State's Attorneys Association $200
2010 Illinois Association of County Treasurers $210
2009 Illinois Association of County Treasurers $210
2008 Illinois Association of County Treasurers $210
2007 Illinois Association of County Treasurers $210
2006 Illinois Association of County Treasurers $210
2005 Illinois Association of County Treasurers $210

List of school districts in the county

  • Allendale Community Consolidated School District 17
  • Wabash Community Unit School District 348

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