Walnut Ranch parcel tax, Measure E (April 2011)

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A Walnut Ranch parcel tax, Measure E was on the April 12, 2011 ballot for voters in the unincorporated area of Colusa County known as the Walnut Ranch Subdivision. Measure E was approved.

Measure E imposes a tax of $687.57 on each parcel in the "Walnut Ranch Unincorporated Area." The tax will last for two years. Also, with the enactment of Measure E, Colusa County will advance funds to "assist in the potential annexation of said area to the City of Colusa." It is the collection of the $687.57/parcel tax for two years that will make sure that Colusa County is repaid the funds it will advance.

A two-thirds supermajority vote was required for approval. The election was held on a mail-in basis.

Election results

  • Yes: 97 (92%) Approveda
  • No: 9 (8%)
Election results from the Colusa County election portal (dead link)'


The voter guide arguments in favor of Measure E were signed by:

  • Jennifer Vennery
  • Leonard E. Bolen
  • Paul C. Harmon
  • Fred Leonard

Their argument says:

"The majority of Walnut Ranch owners and residents have been trying to resolve the issues of our poor water quality and our failing septic systems for over two years. The most effective way to resolve these issues it to annex to the City of Colusa. Annexation will provide us with city water and the ability to connect to the city sewer system, as well as other city programs and benefits.
Past attempts to secure the funding necessary for the annexation process has been cumbersome and inefficient. In a spirit of cooperation and assistance, the County of Colusa has agreed to loan the residents of Walnut Ranch the funds necessary to cover the pre-annexation costs. Terms of the loan will guarantee that the funds are used only for approved costs."


The voter guide arguments against Measure E were signed by Paul J. Matulich. His argument says:

"The proposed assessment, totaling $107,261 for Del Oro Water Company customers ($1375.14 per parcel), funds the preliminary annexation study. This study does not guarantee annexation. In addition, Del Oro Water Company and City of Colusa engineers have approximately the same estimated final costs for the infrastructure to connect Walnut Ranch residents to both water and sewer with the City. The estimated cost of $3,682,000 carries an estimated monthly cost to the residents of approximately $230 (annually $2,760).
An alternative for the consumers to consider would be for Del Oro to connect to the Colusa Industrial Park for water only with an estimated cost of $348,408 which carries a monthly cost of $56.64 (annually $679.68). However, with the escalating levels of contaminants such as arsenic in the water supply, Del Oro will qualify for a State Revolving Fund Low Interest Rate Loan bringing the revised estimated monthly cost to the consumer to connect to the Colusa Industrial Park down to approximately $23.45 (annually $281.45)."

Text of measure

The question on the ballot:

Measure E: Shall the County of Colusa be authorized to levy a special tax in the amount of $687.57 per parcel in the Walnut Ranch Unincorporated Area as set forth in Attachment 2 to the Board of Supervisors' Resolution No. 11-001 for a period of two years to repay the County of Colusa for County funds to be advanced by the County of Colusa to Walnut Ranch Unincorporated Area residents to assist in the potential annexation of said area to the City of Colusa upon the passage of this tax measure?[1]

Path to the ballot

The five members of the Board of Supervisors of Colusa County voted to put Measure E on the ballot in their January 11, 2011 meeting.

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