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Walter Shorenstein is a San Franciscan real estate mogul whose entrepreneurial career stretches back to the mid 1940s. Having been discharged from the military after World War II, Shorenstein began work for the brokerage firm of Milton Meyer and Company (located in San Francisco) in 1946, and by 1951, became a partner with Meyer, et al. Seven years later, he became the firm's President and sole owner; Milton Meyer and Company was subsequently renamed Shorenstein Company.

It was at this point that the firm began to "dramatically [expand] its real estate development and management activities."[1]

By 2001, the firm controlled roughly 25 percent of San Francisco's commercial real estate. [2]

In 1997, he was inducted into the University of California's Real Estate Hall of Fame; one year later, the Bay Area Council awarded him a similar distinction: entry into their Business Hall of Fame.


Shorenstein has long been recognized as an avid supporter of the Democratic Party. "The Democratic machine hardly hosts an event, plans a party, or schedules a speech in the City by the Bay without consulting Shorenstein."[3]

In 1998, he backed Doris Ward's re-election bid for the city's Tax Assessor's office; Ward gained notoriety for allowing the city's larger property owners to benefit from tax breaks--some to the tune of $100 million a year-- issued during the recession in 1990.

As of 2007, he was part of a cast of prominent California Democratic figures tasked with defeating the Presidential Election Reform Act.