Washington's I-1033 likely to pass, according to polls

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October 1, 2009

OLYMPIA, Washington: Washington's I-1033 is far in the lead and likely to pass, according to the latest poll released this month by Rasmussen Reports. According to the poll 61% of voters plan to vote "yes" in the November election, whereas 31% plan to vote "no." Another 8% of polled voters said they were "undecided" on the issue.[1] A total of 500 people were polled on September 22nd.[2]

The question asked by Rasmussen Reports reads as follows:[2]

A statewide initiative will be on the ballot this November. We'd like to ask if you support it or not: The initiative concerns state, county and city revenue. Here is the ballot title: This measure would limit growth of certain state, county and city revenue to annual inflation and population growth, not including voter-approved revenue increases. Revenue collected above the limit would reduce property tax levies. Do you definitely favor, probably favor, probably oppose, or definitely oppose this initiative?

Below are the latest polls:

Date of Poll Pollster In favor Opposed Undecided
September 2009 Tom Kiley 51% 31% 18%
Sept. 22, 2009 Rasmussen Reports 61% 31% 8%

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