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Washington County, Arkansas

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Washington County is one of 75 counties in Arkansas. Fayetteville is the county seat. As of 2010, the population was 203,065. Washington County is Arkansas's 17th county, formed on October 17, 1828, and named for George Washington, the first President of the United States. Washington County is part of the Fayetteville-Springdale-Rogers-Bentonville Arkansas metropolitan area. This area is currently the state's second most populous metropolitan area and Washington County is Arkansas' third most populous county.

Website evaluation

Budget N
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Meetings P
Elected Officials
Administrative Officials P
Permits, zoning Y
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Audits Y
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Contracts P
Lobbying N
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Public records P
Local taxes
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Main article: Evaluation of Arkansas county websites

Last rated on June 25, 2012.

The good

  • Elected officials are listed with contact information.[1]
  • Planning and zoning information is provided[2].
  • Tax information is provided and can be paid online[3].
  • Meeting dates and locations are available[4]. Agendas and minutes also are provided but not for every meeting.
  • Audits are available[5].
  • Current and past bids are posted.[6]
  • The state's public records law is posted.[7]

The bad

  • Agendas and minutes are not consistently posted.[8]
  • There is a page for budget information, but it provides no information[5].
  • Contracts are not listed.
  • Does not disclose if belongs to government sector lobbying associations.
  • Information on how to make a public records request is not provided on the site.
  • Only a few administrative officials are listed under their respective departments.


Washington County's budget exceeds $62 million and is spread throughout 90 departments and 23 funds. The largest fund is the General Fund which totals $29,758,406.[5]

Public employees

Elected officials

Quorum Court

The County Judge serves as the chief executive officer in Arkansas county government. The Quorum Court is composed of Justices of the Peace and serves as the legislative body of county government. Current members are:[1]

Name Title District
Marilyn Edwards County Judge -
Tom Lundstrum Justice of the Peace 1
Lance Eads Justice of the Peace 2
Margie Alsbrook Justice of the Peace 3
Rex Bailey Justice of the Peace 4
Candy Clark Justice of the Peace 5
Barbara Fitzpatrick Justice of the Peace 6
John Firmin Justice of the Peace 7
Eva Madison Justice of the Peace 8
Butch Pond Justice of the Peace 9
Rick Cochran Justice of the Peace 10
Mary Ann Spears Justice of the Peace 11
Ann Harbison Justice of the Peace 12
Joe Patterson Justice of the Peace 13

Other Elected Officials

Other elected officials include:[1]

Name Title
Jeff Williams Assessor
David Ruff Collector
Bette Stamps Circuit Clerk
Karen Combs Pritchard County Clerk
Roger Morris Coroner
Tim Helder County Sheriff
John Threet Prosecuting Attorney
Roger Haney Treasurer

Administrative officials

A list of administrative departments can be found here.


Salary ranges by scale can be found here.[9]


Employees are enrolled in the Arkansas Public Employees Retirement System.[10]


The County does not provide information on membership in any taxpayer funded lobbying associations.

Transparency & public records

The County is subject to the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act.


The County collects both Personal Property and Real Estate taxes of about 1%. Personal Property must be assessed between January 1 and May 31 of each year. Tax on the value is then paid the following year on or before October 15.[11] Washington County millage rates collected in 2012 can be found here. The County also provides a $350 Property Tax Credit on property that is a primary place of residence. Amendment 79, which created the property tax credit, also placed an annual 5% cap on assessed value increases.[12]

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