Washington County, Oklahoma

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Budget N
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Meetings P
Elected Officials Y
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Administrative Officials
Permits, zoning N
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Audits N
600px-Red x.png
Contracts N
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Lobbying N
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Public records N
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Local taxes P
County websitesGuide.png
Transparency grading process

Washington County is a county located in the state of Oklahoma. It is, in area, the third smallest county in Oklahoma. As of 2000, the population was 48,996. Its county seat is Bartlesville.

Website evaluation

The good

  • County commissioners are listed,[1] along with contact information.[2]
  • Commissioners meeting agenda is posted.[3]
  • Provides a tax assessment calculator.[4]

The bad

  • Budget is not published.
  • Board meeting dates and times are not listed.
  • Information is not provided on building permits and zoning.
  • County audits and contracts are not online.
  • Does not disclose if belongs to government sector lobbying associations.
  • Information on how to make a public records request is not provided on the site.

Public records

The Tulsa World conducted a public records study submitting FOIA requests to eight counties and two large towns during the summer of 2012. The newspaper requested county payroll records, police radio logs and copies of emails from city managers or mayors.[5]

When requesting records from this county, the paper had to negotiate the time frames and fees with the Attorney and Clerk after the paper judge the initial costs to be too high.[5] Even after stating the records were for the media, the county did not respond for a month after the request.

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