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Washington Court of Appeals

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The Washington Court of Appeals is the intermediate appellate court for the state of Washington. The court is a non-discretionary appellate court. This means that it must accept, review, and issue a written decision for all appeals filed with it; unlike the Washington State Supreme Court, which can reject an appeal.

There are a total of 22 judges on the Court of Appeals. The Court of Appeals is divided into three divisions: Division 1 (10 judges) is based in Seattle; Division 2 (7 judges) is based in Tacoma; and Division 3 (5 judges) is based in Spokane. Cases are heard by a panel of three judges from the division to which it is appealed. There is no en banc review available for a division or the entire Court of Appeals. Judges from one division may pro tem as a visiting judge on another division.[1]

Washington Court of Appeals
Court information
Judges:   22
Salary:   $159,000[2]
Judicial selection
Method:   Nonpartisan election of judges
Term:   6 years


JudgeTermAppointed by
Judge Marlin Appelwick1998-2018Gov. Gary Locke
Judge Mary Kay Becker1994-2018
Judge Ronald Cox1995-2018
Judge Stephen Dwyer2005-2016
Judge Linda Lau2007-2021Gov. Chris Gregoire
Judge Robert Leach (Washington)2008-2021Gov. Chris Gregoire
Judge Ann Schindler2002-2014Gov. Gary Locke
Judge Stephen Brown (Washington)1997-2021
Judge Kevin Korsmo2008-2021Gov. Chris Gregoire
Judge Linda C.J. Lee2014-2021Gov. Jay Inslee
Judge Lisa Worswick2010-2021Gov. Chris Gregoire
Appointee Michael Trickey2014-2017Gov. Jay Inslee
Judge Rich Melnick2014-2021Gov. Jay Inslee
Judge Michael Spearman2010-2017Gov. Chris Gregoire
Judge Laurel Siddoway2010-2018
Judge Lisa L. Sutton2014-2021Gov. Jay Inslee
Judge Robert Lawrence-Berrey2014-2021Gov. Jay Inslee
Judge Thomas Bjorgen2012-Present
Judge James Verellen2012-2019Gov. Chris Gregoire
Judge George Fearing2013-2016Gov. Jay Inslee
Judge Bradley A. Maxa2013-2021Gov. Jay Inslee

Election of judges

Each division is sub-divided into three geographic districts for election purposes; the districts are not divided evenly according to population, but the districts containing higher populations usually have more judges elected from that district. Each of the judges is elected by a district's voters in nonpartisan elections to six-year terms. If a seat becomes vacant between elections, an interim judge from the corresponding district is appointed by the governor and he/she must run in the next regularly scheduled election to finish the remainder of the term. Elections are staggered so that one-third of the judges, in each of Divisions 2 and 3, have an election each even-numbered year. There is an election for at least one Division 1 judge every year.

To serve as an appellate judge, judges must have practiced law in the state of Washington for at least five years and must have been a resident of the district they represent for at least one year.[3]

Chief judge

The judges on each division annually select from among themselves a chief judge to handle administrative details for the division. All 22 judges annually select a presiding chief judge to oversee business matters among the three divisions.[3]

Former judges

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Unopposed  Judge Michael Trickey (Division 1, District 1, Position 1)
Unopposed  Judge Linda Lau (Division 1, District 1, Position 5)
Unopposed  Judge Ann Schindler (Division 1, District 1, Position 6)
Unopposed  Judge Robert Leach (Washington) (Division 1, District 2, Position 2)
Unopposed  Judge Bradley A. Maxa (Division 2, District 1, Position 1)
Unopposed  Judge Lisa Worswick (Division 2, District 1, Position 2)
Unopposed  Judge Linda C.J. Lee (Division 2, District 1, Position 3)
Unopposed  Judge Lisa L. Sutton (Division 2, District 2, Position 1)
Unopposed  Judge Rich Melnick (Division 2, District 3, Position 1)
Unopposed  Judge Kevin Korsmo (Division 3, District 1, Position 2)
Unopposed  Judge Stephen Brown (Washington) (Division 3, District 3, Position 1)
Unopposed  Judge Robert Lawrence-Berrey (Division 3, District 3, Position 2)


Division 1, District 1
CandidateIncumbencyPrimary VoteElection Vote
VerellenJames VerellenApprovedAYes100%   ApprovedA
Division 3, District 2
CandidateIncumbencyPrimary VoteElection Vote
MetroJohn Gary Metro No30.0%   DefeatedD
FearingGeorge FearingApprovedAYes70.0%   ApprovedA
BloorTerry J. Bloor NoWithdrew% 
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Division 1

CandidateIncumbencyOfficePrimary VoteElection Vote
AppelwickMarlin Appelwick   ApprovedAYesDivision 1100%ApprovedA100%   ApprovedA
BeckerMary Kay Becker   ApprovedAYesDivision 1100%ApprovedA100%   ApprovedA
CoxRonald Cox   ApprovedAYesDivision 1100%ApprovedA100%   ApprovedA

Division 2

CandidateIncumbencyOfficePrimary VoteElection Vote
Brendan Williams       
Quinn-BrintnallChristine Quinn-Brintnall   ApprovedAYesDivision 2100%ApprovedA100%   ApprovedA
FoleyJim Foley (Washington)    NoDistrict 214.69% 
PenoyarJoel Penoyar   ApprovedAYesDivision 2100%ApprovedA100%   ApprovedA
LynchMichael Lynch (Washington)    NoDistrict 213.69% 
LoginskyPamela Loginsky    NoDistrict 227.57%ApprovedA47.69%   DefeatedD
BjorgenThomas Bjorgen   ApprovedANoDistrict 218.18%ApprovedA52.31%   ApprovedA
Weaver, Jr.Thomas E. Weaver, Jr.    NoDistrict 210.18% 

Division 3

CandidateIncumbencyOfficePrimary VoteElection Vote
PoulsonDevin Poulson    NoDistrict 341.49% 
SiddowayLaurel Siddoway   ApprovedAYesDivision 3100%ApprovedA100%   ApprovedA
KulikTeresa Kulik   ApprovedAYesDivision 358.81%ApprovedA100%   ApprovedA
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