Washington Firearm Safety Initiative (2008)

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Washington Firearm Safety Initiative, or I-992, was intended by its sponsors to qualify for the November 4, 2008 ballot in Washington, but did not ultimately qualify.

I-992 would have required applicants for concealed weapons permits to first complete a firearms safety class. The measure would have also created fines for applicants who lie about completing such a class and for dealers who provide a weapon to someone who hasn't completed such a class.

Initiative 992 was a citizen-initiated state statute.

The official ballot measures read, "This measure would prohibit issuing a license to carry a concealed pistol to any person who has not attended a firearm safety class. It would also impose monetary penalties for either making a false statement regarding attending a firearm safety class on an application for a license to carry a concealed pistol, and for any dealer who knowingly sells or delivers a firearm to any person who has not attended a firearm safety class."


I-992 was sponsored by David Henshaw of Tacoma, Washington.

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