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Washington Health Insurance Freedom Act (2010)

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The Washington Health Insurance Freedom Act, also known as I-1063 and I-1066, did not appear on the November 2, 2010 ballot in Washington as an Initiative to the People. The proposed measure would have prohibited rules against participation in specific health care.[1] According to state officials, no petitions were filed in an effort to qualify the measure for the ballot.

Ballot summary


The ballot title read:[1]

Statement of Subject: Initiative Measure No. 1066 concerns federal laws regarding health care.
Concise Description: This measure would declare federal laws invalid in Washington that directly regulate, or potentially indirectly regulate, health care in specified ways; and declare criminal and civil penalties for enforcing such invalidated federal laws.
Should this measure be enacted into law? Yes [ ] No [ ]


According to the description prepared by the Washington Secretary of State:

This measure states that any federal law regulating healthcare systems or services in specified ways is null and void and of no force or effect in Washington, including federal laws that have the potential to indirectly regulate health care if enforced or threatened to be enforced. It declares criminal and civil penalties for any action by a federal agent or employee to enforce, or threaten to enforce, any federal law declared invalid by this measure.

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See also: Washington signature requirements

According to state officials, no petitions were filed in an effort to qualify the measure for the ballot. In order to place the proposed measure on the 2010 ballot, organizers were required to collect a minimum of 241,153 valid signatures.

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