Washington Initiative 747 (2001)

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Washington Initiative 747 appeared on the ballot in the state of Washington on November 6, 2001. It was an Initiative to the People sponsored by Tim Eyman, Leo Fagen, Ray Benham, and M.J. Fagan. I-747 was popular at the ballot box, with 826,258 voters in favor and 609,266 voters opposed.

The purpose of Initiative Measure 747 was to limit property tax increases to 1% per year. It was filed on January 8, 2001. 290,704 signatures were submitted.

On November 8, 2007, the Washington Supreme Court by a 5-4 vote invalidated I-747 in the case of Washington Citizens Action v. State, asserting that the state's voters did not understand what they were voting for.[1]

Ballot title

The official language that appeared on the ballot read: "This measure would require state and local governments to limit property tax levy increases to 1% per year, unless an increase greater than this limit is approved by the voters at an election."

The summary that appeared on the ballot read: "This measure would establish new 'limit factors' for taxing districts in setting their property tax levies each year. For each local government taxing district, the limit factor would be a 1% increase over the highest of the district’s three previous annual property tax levies. For the state, the limit factor would be the lower of 1% or the rate of inflation. Taxing districts could levy higher than the limit factor with voter approval."

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