Washington Shoreline Use and Development, Initiatives 43 and 43B (1972)

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The Washington Shoreline Use and Development Act, also known as Initiative Measure 43 and Alternative Measure 43B, were on the November 7, 1972 ballot in Washington as an Initiative to the Legislature, where Initiative 43 was defeated and Alternative Measure 43B was approved. Alternative Measure 43B regulated the use and development of the shoreline within 200 feet of the ordinary water mark. The defeated Measure 40 would have regulated the use and development of the shoreline within 500 feet of the ordinary water mark and would have required the involvement of the State Ecological Commission.[1]

Election results

See also: Washington State Constitution, Section 1 of Article II for how the law deals with competing measures.
Washington Initiatives 43 and 43B (1972)
Approveda For Either 603,167 52.25%
Defeatedd Against Both 551,132 47.75%
Washington Initiatives 43 and 43B (1972)
Defeatedd 43 285,721 31.84%
Approveda 43B 611,748 68.16%

Election results via: Washington Secretary of State

Text of measure

The language that appeared on the ballot regarding the competing measures:[1]

NOTE: Voter entitled to mark preference even though voting against both (to indicate which measure is the lesser objectionable). Preference vote will have no significance unless the majority of the voters mark their ballots as "FOR EITHER."[2]

The language that appeared on the ballot for Alternative Measure 43:[1]

AN ACT relating to the use and development of certain salt and fresh water shoreline areas including lands located within 200 feet of the ordinary high water mark and certain other adjacent designated wetlands; establishing an integrated program of shoreline management between state and local governments; requiring local governments, pursuant to guidelines established by the state department of ecology, to develop master programs for regulating shoreline uses and providing that if they do not the department will develop and adopt such programs; granting the state's consent to certain existing impairments of public navigational rights; and providing civil and criminal sanctions.[2]

The language that appeared on the ballot for Initiative Measure 43B :[1]

AN ACT relating to the use and development of salt and fresh water shoreline areas, including lands located within 500 feet of ordinary high tide or high water and certain wetlands; requiring the State Ecological Commission, with the advice of regional citizens councils, to adopt a state-wide regulatory plan for these areas; requiring cities and counties to adopt plans to regulate shoreline areas not covered by the state plan; requiring both local and state-wide plans to be based upon considerations of conservation, recreation, economic development and public access; and providing both civil and criminal remedies for violations of the act.[2]

Path to the ballot

The Washington Environmental Council filed 160,421 signatures for the initiative on December 31, 1970. The measure was certified to the legislature on January 29, 1971. The legislature passed Alternative Measure 44B rather than WEC's Measure 40. As required by the state constitution, both measures were placed on the ballot as competing measures.[3]

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