Washington signature privacy trial will be heard in September

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March 2, 2011


OLYMPIA, Washington: Doe v. Reed is headed back to court this year. The signature privacy case is based on a 2009 ballot measure, Washington Referendum 71, which asked voters if state registered domestic partners in Washington should be given all rights, responsibilities, and obligations granted by or imposed by state law on married couples.

The case asked if petition signatures and names should be made public. On June 24, 2010 the United States Supreme Court ruled 8-1 enforcing Washington's Public Records Act; making petition signatures public.[1]

However, anti-gay marriage activists renewed their efforts to ban the release of the petitions. Activists cited examples of harassment, intimidation and threats to anti-gay marriage activists in California in 2008 (the state of California does not release petitions) and perceived threats to sponsors in Washington.

The petitions for Referendum 71 are currently being withheld.

U.S. District Court in Tacoma, Washington is scheduled to hear the case on September 27, 2011.[2]

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