Waynesville Income Tax Repeal (May 2010)

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There was a Waynesville Income Tax Repeal measure on the May 4 ballot in Warren County for voters in the city of Waynesville.

This measure was approved meaning the tax was repealed.

  • YES 418 (57.66%)Approveda
  • NO 307 (42.34%)[1]

Petitioners turned in 154 signatures to get a 1 percent sales tax that was approved in December of 2009 repealed. The signatures needed to be verified by the county officials before the issue could be on a ballot. The tax was enacted to help with budget shortfalls though opponents do not feel that it was fairly implemented since there was no public vote on it. If enacted, the tax would have been for five years, city officials stated that the money was needed to keep services running.[2]

Village counselors saw the referendum vote as a challenge, they felt that they need to better inform the public why they enacted the tax and why it is still needed in order to keep the village running. The income tax would only apply to those who work within the village.[3] Opponents say they felt that they should not have to pay more taxes in the midst of a struggling economy, but proponents noted that this is the only feasible way to keep services running in the village. Village officials said without the tax the village will not be able to run services and may end up needing a new form of government. The man who ran the petition stated that he was not necessarily against the tax, just that he believed voters should have a say in if they want more taxes added.[4]