West Virginia Early Voting nearing its end

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October 28, 2010

By Kyle Maichle

CHARLESTON, West Virginia: Early voting in the Mountaineer State is set to end on October 30, 2010[1].

The West Virginia Secretary of State released statistics of how many voters showed up to vote early. The statistics reveal that 6.8 percent of Republicans voted more than Democrats. Only 5.5 percent of Democratic voters showed up to vote early. Also, 2.6 percent of independent voters showed up to vote early. These numbers could effect the result of the U.S. Senate special election which is considered to be a toss-up by most election experts[1].

West Virginia's registered voter count has 656,689 registered as Democrats while 350,357 are registered as Republicans when comparing the major parties. 189,495 West Virginian voters are registered independents who are not affiliated with any party[1].

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