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Judges in West Virginia compete in partisan elections in even numbered years. The general election in West Virginia coincides with the general election day for the United States and is held on the Tuesday after the first Monday in November.[1]

Supreme Court of Appeals Circuit Court Family Courts Magistrate Courts
Partisan elections - 12 year terms Partisan elections - Eight-year terms Partisan elections - Eight-year terms Partisan elections - Four-year terms

Primary elections

West Virginia recognizes four political parties: Democratic, Republican, Mountain, and Libertarian. Primaries are held by the political parties in order to nominate a candidate to run in the general election. Primaries are held on the second Tuesday in May, every two years.

A candidate who wishes to run for election, but does not belong to any of the four parties recognized in West Virginia must gather signatures on a nominating petition and will not run in a party primary election.[1]


Statewide results can be found on the Secretary of State website.



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