Westmoreland County Home Rule Commission Formation (2010)

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There is current consideration to get a Westmoreland County Home Rule Commission Formation proposition on the May ballot in Westmoreland County.

Council members are talking about the issue, to get the county under a home rule charter, where the county would have more control over its activities and duties. The ballot question would not ask voters to change the government but rather if they want to allow a commission to be set up to explore the option of home rule. Then a later referendum would ask voters if they want to approve home rule, if it came to that point. The way for the issue to get on the ballot is either the commissioners need to approve a referendum to be on the ballot, or a petition needs to be submitted by residents that ask for a referendum to be put on the ballot. If there was a petition, 6,500 signatures would be needed for it to be approved. The signatures would be needed by February 16 in order to make it onto the May ballot.[1]