What's on the ballot today? - July 15, 2014

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July 15, 2014

By Ballotpedia staff

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Voters are returning to the ballot box for primary runoffs in Alabama and North Carolina, two states with races to watch on July 15. In Alabama, a primary runoff is triggered when no candidate gets a majority of the initial primary election. That occurred earlier this year in three Congressional races, eight state legislative contests and three state executive offices.

North Carolina primary runoffs are triggered when no candidate receives at least 40 percent of the vote plus one. North Carolina primary runoffs are only required if the second highest vote getter calls for a runoff.

Three of the seven state executive races in Alabama include Republican primary runoffs. The top two candidates in the initial June 3 primary for Alabama Secretary of State were separated by just 1.2 percent of the vote.

Two of the eight Alabama state legislative districts holding primary runoffs will feature the incumbent from that district. House District 12 incumbent Mac Buttram (R) faces challenger Corey Harbison, while House District 72 incumbent Ralph Howard (D) will do battle against Thomas Moore for the second time.


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