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WhoSigned.Org is a website whose owners published the names of anyone who signed the petition to qualify Washington Referendum 71 (2009) for the ballot.[1]

The website lists everyone who signed Referendum 71. According to the website, the site is up to ensure that there is a "high-level of transparency" and to "ensure a fair and open discussion in the public forum" regarding the initiative and referendum petitions.[2]


The website has come under criticism by opponents and local newspapers for being "intimidating." Seattle Times editorial page editor Ryan Blethen wrote, "People who sign petitions should understand that it is public record. But just because somebody signs a petition does not mean they support the referendum. People sign referendums for all sorts of reasons. It is not hard to believe that someone who supports marriage equality will sign it because they firmly believe the voters, not the Legislature, should have the final say."[3]

Others, however, see the matter differently. The website, according to an editorial by the Spokesman Review, defines a common problem in politics - "either assisting in a more open electoral process or engaging in a scurrilous political ploy in its fight against a ballot proposal that would overturn certain legal rights for same-sex couples."[4]

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