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William J. Giovan was the Chief Judge of the Michigan Third Circuit Court, presiding over Wayne County. He retired in 2008.[1]


In 1958, Judge Giovan graduated from the University of Detroit having earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree; three years later, he received his J.D. from the University of Michigan Law School.


Before being appointed to the bench, Giovan was in private practice from 1961 to 1972.[2]

Judicial priorities

At the time of his appointment, Judge Giovan made the following statement concerning his priorities as Chief Judge.

"Although I did not seek this position, I am grateful for the confidence that the Michigan Supreme Court has placed in me. Two of my top priorities will be to make the Friend of the Court a more efficient agency and to step up the effort to make the court's jury pools more representative of the population of Wayne County as a whole."[3]

Giovan appointments

At the time of his ascension, Judge Giovan appointed Judge Kathleen Macdonald to take his place as Chief Judge Pro Tem. He also appointed Judge Edward Ewell, Jr. to the court's criminal division, Judge Richard Skutt to the court's family division and Judge Judy Hartsfield to the court's juvenile division.[3]

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