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Winner & Mandabach Campaigns

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Winner & Mandabach Campaigns (W&M) is a campaign consulting firm based in California. The principals of the firm are Charles Winner and Paul Mandabach. The firm was originally called Winner/Wagner & Mandabach Campaigns until former partner Ethan Wagner departed in 2002.[1]

According to its website, it is a "national political consulting firm specializing in ballot measure campaigns." They report that in the 2005-2006 election cycle, they won "five major ballot measure campaigns in four states." The organization also says that they become involved with "all aspects of ballot measure campaigns, including strategic planning, advertising, direct mail, phone banks, public opinion research, earned media and grassroots activities."[2]

W&M Campaigns was founded in 1985 as an affiliate of Winner, Wagner & Associates, which itself was founded in 1975. According to PRWeek, "Winner, whose experience in politics extends back to a 1950s stint as an aide to [California] governor Pat Brown, set up Winner/ Wagner & Associates in 1975 with fellow political aide Ethan Wagner."[3]

Publicis Consultants purchased a 60% interest in W&M in 2000, which was at that time described as a "7.3 million, 43-strong public affairs shop."[3]

Ballot measure work


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Worked for yes campaign
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In 2010, Winner & Mandabach consulted for three of the statewide propositions on the California ballot.

And two measures in other states:


Winner and Mandabach's work on the four California Tribal Gaming Compacts (2008) has been estimated to have earned the company $15-$17 million.[6]

Reporters Phillip Matier and Andrew Ross wrote in February 2008:

"And the winner, please: Bar none, the biggest winners in Tuesday's California elections were a couple of guys named Chuck Winner (no joke) and Paul Mandabach - and not just because their ballot measures were ahead.
Winner and Mandabach's Santa Monica media firm rang up millions of dollars in fees for its work producing TV, radio and direct mail ads for the four Indian gambling initiatives on Tuesday's ballot, which waged a record-breaking $109 million campaign.
The firm isn't required to report its profits on campaign disclosure reports, but political consultant Garry South - who helped direct the rival campaign against Propositions 94 through 97 - estimates Winner & Mandabach's take (based on the standard 15 percent commission) at $15 million to $17 million.
The intensely private Mandabach declined to discuss the company's compensation, saying it is 'between us and our client.'
But he and Winner must be doing pretty well - because they do own a stable of racehorses."[6]


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Paul Mandabach worked on behalf of the campaign to allow the continued operation of the Maine Yankee, a nuclear power plant in Maine. According to a November 5, 1987 article in the Bangor Daily News, "The consultant behind the massive save-Maine Yankee drive, Paul Mandabach of Winner, Wagner & Associates, masterminded a similar nuclear-industry financed campaign last year in Oregon that defeated a referendum to close that state's Trojan reactor. Mandabach has been involved in nearly a half dozen shutdown elections."[7]

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