Wisconsin County Government Uniformity Amendment, Question 1 (April 1972)

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The Wisconsin County Government Uniformity Amendment was a legislatively-referred constitutional amendment on the April 4, 1972 ballot in Wisconsin, where it was approved.

This amendment modified Article IV, Section 23 of the Wisconsin Constitution to allow the legislature to create more than one type of county government.[1]

Election results

Question 1
Approveda Yes 571,285 52.58%

Official results via: The Wisconsin Blue Book 1973

Text of measure

The language that appeared on the ballot:

"Shall section 23 of article IV of the constitution be amended to eliminate the requirement that there be but one system of county government, as uniform as practicable, (with administrative exceptions) and to substitute a requirement that the legislature establish one or more systems of county government?"[1]

Constitutional changes

(Article IV) Section 23. The legislature shall establish but one system of town and county government, which shall be as nearly uniform as practicable, except that the requirement of uniformity shall not apply to the administrative means of exercising powers of a local legislative character conferred by section 22 upon the boards of supervisors of the several counties; but the legislature may provide for the elections at large once in every 4 years of a chief executive officer in any county with such powers of an administrative character as they may from time to time prescribe in accordance with this section and shall establish one or more systems of county government.[1]

Path to the ballot

  • First Legislative Approval: SJR 58 & JR 32 (1969)
  • Second Legislative Approval: SJR 4 & JR 13 (1971)[2]

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