Wisconsin Senate committee votes to eliminate DNR positions

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April 27, 2013


By Greg Janetka

MADISON, Wisconsin: State lawmakers in the process of revising Gov. Scott Walker's (R) proposed budget will see many debates ahead before a budget can be approved. A senate committee proceeding through the budget for the Department of Natural Resources approved most motions unanimously, but were divided when it came to eliminating positions within the department.[1]

Sen. Glenn Grothman (R) led the charge to nix 32.1 positions, all of which had been vacant for over a year. "I think we ought to be looking to remove positions and this is really modest," he stated. Democrats argued that the proposal did not include any information on what the jobs were. Republicans, however, said that if they were vacant for over 12 months the DNR must be doing fine without them.[1]

The motion passed on a 12-4 party line vote.[2]

The FY 2013 budget for the DNR was $561,677,000. Walker proposed a 1.6 percent increase in funding for FY 2014, totaling $570,591,700.[3]