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Judges in Wisconsin participate in nonpartisan elections. Judicial elections are held in the state every year.[1] Wisconsin is one of four states that hold judicial elections every year, along with Louisiana, New York and Ohio.[2]

Primary election

A primary is held on the third Tuesday in February to nominate judicial candidates for the spring election. Candidates seeking election must file by the first Tuesday in January preceding the spring general election.[1] A primary is required to be held if more than two candidates file for nomination to the supreme court, the same district of an appellate court or for the same branch of a circuit court.[1] If the number of candidates for office does not exceed twice the number to be elected to the office a primary is not held and all the candidates will appear on the ballot in the spring election.[1] The two candidates who receive the most votes in a primary race advance to the general election.[3]

General election

A spring election is held on the first Tuesday in April.[1] Judges in Wisconsin are elected for the following term lengths:

Supreme Court Court of Appeals Circuit Courts
Nonpartisan elections - 10 year terms Nonpartisan elections - Six-year terms Nonpartisan elections - Six-year terms

At the end of their terms, judges in Wisconsin may run for re-election.[3]

If a vacancy occurs for a judicial position mid-term, an advisory council on judicial selection will recommend three to five qualified candidates to the governor. The governor then appoints a candidate from this pool, but is not bound by the council's recommendations. The appointed candidate must run for election in the next judicial election.[3]


Statewide results can be found on the Government Accountability Board website. Other results can be found on the county election websites.



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