Wisconsin recall group questions mass mailer by suburban-Milwaukee Mayor

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July 15, 2010

By Kyle Maichle

NEW BERLIN, Wisconsin: Concerned Citizens of New Berlin is asking the Waukesha County District Attorney to investigate if a mass mailer sent by Mayor Jack Chiovatero improperly used taxpayer resources[1].

The group is asking District Attorney Brad Schimel to examine if the mailer Chiovatero used to attack other city council members was illegal because the piece was sent from the Mayor's office. The attack mailer produced by Chiovatero accused the previous Mayor and other city council members of not fixing problems in the City Center district[1]. A low-income housing complex was originally planned in the controversial redevelopment project that was eventually denied by the New Berlin City Council[2].

Also, Concerned Citizens for New Berlin questioned the timing of the Mayor's direct mail piece. According to a press release issued by the group, they suggest that Mayor Chiovatero's conduct was reprehensible when he attacked other city council members under the threat of a recall.

Group members are planning to gather signatures in order to recall Chiovatero for his initial support of the City Center project. 5,000 signatures are required to force a recall election on the Mayor[3].

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