With control of both chambers in New Hampshire, Republicans nominate new leadership

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November 30, 2010

CONCORD, New Hampshire: In one stunning evening, Republicans went from the minority in the New Hampshire Senate and House to holding a supermajority in both chambers.

Peter Bragdon, first elected to the New Hampshire State Senate in 2004. Bragdon has been nominated to be Senate President in the 2011 session.

Republicans nominated Peter Bragdon to become president of the State Senate, which will be decided on when the legislature meets on December 1.[1] The Democratic senators, now in the minority, have chosen Sylvia Larsen to be minority leader.[2] Bragdon previously served as minority leader while Larsen was the Senate president.

Bragdon announced several appointments to committee heads already, including:

In the House, Republicans nominated William O'Brien to be the next speaker. O'Brien defeated Gene Chandler by a vote of 142-133 in the Republican nomination process.[3]

On the Democratic side, Terie Norelli, former House Speaker, has been tagged for the minority leader post.[3]

The House majority leader position has not been decided yet. There are three representatives vying for the title:[4]

The partisan breakdowns after the election are as follows:

New Hampshire State Senate
Party As of November 1, 2010 After the 2010 Election
     Democratic Party 14 5
     Republican Party 10 19
Total 24 24

New Hampshire House of Representatives
Party As of November 1, 2010 After the 2010 Election
     Democratic Party 216 102
     Republican Party 174 298
     Vacancy 10 -
Total 400 400

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