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This page is a content-and-style guide about how and when to add an "Aftermath" section to a state ballot measure article.
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The "aftermath" section is NOT required to appear in all ballot measure articles. It was established to offer a place in the article to add content about events that occur following an election. This may include post-election lawsuits, amendments made by the legislature to the approved measure, effects of the measure, renewed efforts to place a previously defeated measure on a future ballot, etc. This includes events that occur days, months or years following the election.

This feature should be added to articles that fall under the above stated criteria.

Where to add

The "aftermath" section should follow the introduction and be added just above the "election results section."

It should be called "Aftermath."

Introduction goes here.

Information goes here.

==Election results==
Election box goes here.

Adding more than one event

Often times, more than one situation related to the measure may arise following an election. When that happens, simply add a subsection to the main "aftermath section." The subsection headlines should be a short description of the event. For example: "Efforts for repeal" or "Lawsuit filed to overturn vote."

For example:

Introduction goes here.

Information goes here.

===Short headline about Event #1===

===Short headline about Event #2===

===Short headline about Event #3===

==Election results==
Election box goes here.


Below are examples of "aftermath" sections:

See article: Missouri Dog Breeding Regulation Initiative, Proposition B (2010)
===Efforts for repeal===
Following the approval of Proposition B lawmakers announced...

====Supporters' response====
In response to efforts to repeal or change...

====Senate bill====
On [[BC2010#December|December 1, 2010]], the first day to file legislation...

====House bill====
On [[BC2011#January|January 3, 2011]] [[Tony Dugger|Rep. Tony Dugger]] filed ...

===Approved revisions===
On [[BC2011#April|April 13, 2011]] the [[Missouri House of Representatives]] passed ...

====Compromise offered====
Days following the legislature's approval of a revision of Proposition B...

====Compromise signed====
On [[BC2011#April|April 27, 2011]] [[Jay Nixon|Gov. Jay Nixon]] signed ...

See article: Florida Congressional District Boundaries, Amendment 6 (2010)
===Gov. Scott pulls back amendments===
On [[BC2011#January|January 25, 2011]] Brian Hughes...

===''Brown v State of Florida''===
On [[BC2010#November|November 3, 2010]], hours following the November 2 general election...

====ACLU files to join lawsuit====
On [[BC2010#December|December 16, 2010]] the ACLU of Florida...

====Florida House joins challenge====
On Monday, [[BC2011#January|January 24, 2011]] the [[Florida House of Representatives]] filed to join the lawsuit...

====Amendment upheld====
On [[BC2011#September|September 9, 2011]] [[United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida|U.S. District]] [[Ursula Ungaro|Judge Ursula Ungaro]] rejected the ...

===2011 redistricting===
:: ''See also: [[Redistricting in Florida]]''

As of [[BC2011#August|August 2011]] the Florida redistricting process remained ongoing... 

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