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Writing:Ballot measure stub articles

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This page provides writing guidelines for creating a "stub" (starter) article. There are two types of articles: an article that summarizes the number of measures and election details, known as a "State/Year article," and an article that describes a single measure, known as a "measure article."

How to write about
ballot measures
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(Stub articles)
Naming the article
Election results
Text of measure
Campaign contributions
Reports & analyses
Media endorsements
Path to the ballot
Similar measures
See also
External links
Additional reading

Overview articles

Library of tutorials

State/Year article

A basic state/year article should include the following:

EXAMPLE: Alabama 2006 ballot measures

Measure article

A basic ballot measure article should include the following:

{{Short outcome
| title = Michigan Proposal A (1992)
| yes = 1,433,354
| yespct = 37.5
| no = 2,384,777
| nopct = 62.5

Official results via: [ The Michigan Manual 2009-2010]

EXAMPLE: Michigan Homestead Property Tax Amendment, Proposal A (1992)

Quality templates

If there are issues with the quality of the article, please add one of the quality tags listed here: Ballotpedia:Article improvement

State/Year article

<table style="float: right; margin-left: 1em; margin-bottom: 0.5em; width: 20%px">
<tr><td>{{pt1}}[[STATE NEXT-YEAR ballot measures|NEXT-YEAR]]{{pt2}}[[STATE PREVIOUS-YEAR ballot measures|PREVIOUS-YEAR]]{{pt3}}</td></tr>
'''NUMBER statewide ballot measure(s)''' was/were on the ballot in [[YEAR ballot measures#STATE|ELECTION YEAR]] in [[STATE]].
* ''Additional information''

==On the ballot==

==See also==
* [[List of STATE ballot measures]]
* [[YEAR ballot measures]]
* [[STATE YEAR ballot measures]]

==External links==
* ''Useful external link''

{{YEAR ballot measures}}
[[Category:STATE YEAR ballot measures]]

Measure article

<table style="float: right;">
<tr valign="top">
'''STATE DESCRIPTIVE-TITLE''', also known as '''OFFICIAL TITLE''', was on the [[YEAR ballot measures#STATE|EXACT-ELECTION-DATE ballot]] in [[STATE]] as a {{TYPE}}, where it was '''APPROVED/DEFEATED'''.


==Election results==
{{short outcome

Official results via: [EXAMPLE SOURCE]

==Text of measure==
The language that appeared on the ballot:
{{Quote|TEXT<ref>[EXAMPLE REFERENCE]</ref>}}

==See also==
{{submit a link}}
* [[List of STATE ballot measures]]
* [[STATE YEAR ballot measures]]
* [[YEAR ballot measures]]

==External links==


{{YEAR ballot measures}}

[[Category:STATE YEAR ballot measures]]
[[Category:TOPIC, STATE]]
[[Category:TOPIC, YEAR]]

Here's an example of a classic stub article of a historical ballot measure that needs to be updated to standard.

Good things about this stub example are:

  • The title of the article is good (including the number designation of the ballot measure, a political topic summary and the year)
  • It has a political topic by state and by year.
  • It correctly identifies the legal type of the ballot measure.
  • The form and sequencing of the first sentence is the correct form.
  • It includes a link to a good and reliable source of information.
  • The "see also" section is standard and appropriate.

Less-than-good things about this stub article are:

  • The format for the election results isn't the best format.

Stub article.PNG

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