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This page is a content-and-style guide about adding "election results" to a state ballot measure article.
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Election results

The election results section appears only when the measure has been voted on. This section appears after the introduction but before the "Text of measure" section. As time goes by, an "aftermath" section may be added to the article in which case the "elections results" will be bumped below the "aftermath" section (which will follow the intro).

NOTE: Add election results link (i.e. state website source) to "External links."

Please, refer to the "short outcome" template for specific guidelines on how to use the election result box. Some states may require unique code.

Wiki code:

==Election results==
{{Short outcome
| title = Measure #
| yes = #### (vote count)
| yespct = ## (vote percent)
| no = #### (vote count)
| nopct = ## (vote percent)

In an article this would appear as:

Election results

Measure #
Approveda Yes XXX 52%

Measure invalidated or overturned

If a measure is invalidated or overturned after an election, add the following to the "short outcome" template that appears on the measure article:

| overturned = if overturned, add "Yes" to this field
| casename = if a casename is available, add the case name. For example add: State ex rel. Thomson v. Zimmerman
| casenumber = if available, add the case number in the following format, example = 264 Wis. 644 (1953)
| link = if available, add a link to the case. Copy and paste the URL into this field

Complete instructions here: http://www.ballotpedia.org/wiki/index.php/Template:Short_outcome/doc#Overturned_measure

You can see an example here: http://www.ballotpedia.org/wiki/index.php/Wisconsin_Legislative_Redistricting_Amendment,_Question_1_(April_1953)

On the state chart template, please update the result with {{ot}}

Example: {{California2012}}

| {{iss}}
| [[California Proposition 35, Ban on Human Trafficking and Sex Slavery (2012)|Proposition 35]]
| [[Law enforcement on the ballot|Law enforcement]]
| [[California Proposition 35, Ban on Human Trafficking and Sex Slavery (2012)|Increased Penalties for Human Trafficking and Sex Slavery]]
| {{ap}}{{ot}}