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This page is a content-and-style guide about how to create a "See also," "External links," "Additional reading," and "References" sections for a state ballot measure article.
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"See also" section

This section (See also) usually appears after the "Path to the ballot" section but before "external links" and "references." This section of the article should be used to direct the reader to other relevant articles. For example: state ballot pages, year ballot pages, related ballot measures, etc.

The section should include:

  • {{Submit a link}}
  • Wikilinks to other relevant Ballotpedia articles or categories

Code example:

==See also==
{{submit a link}}
* [[Relevant wikilink goes  here]]
* [[Relevant wikilink #2 goes  here]]
* [[Relevant wikilink #3 goes  here]]

NOTE: The "See also" section can be expanded to include original articles written by Ballotpedia staff about the proposed article. This can be included in a subsection of "See also" called "Articles." (Example: Washington_Lower_Property_Taxes,_Initiative_1033_(2009)#Articles)


See article: Maine Redistricting Measure, Question 4 (2011)
==See also==
{{submit a link}}
* [[Maine 2011 ballot measures]]
* [[2011 ballot measures]]
See article: Washington Lower Property Taxes, Initiative 1033 (2009)
==See also==
{{submit a link}}
* [[Washington 2009 ballot measures]]
* [[2009 ballot measures]]
* [[List of Washington ballot measures]]
* [[Tim Eyman]]

Which will appear as:

Suggest a link

"External links" section

Like "Additional reading" sections the "External links" section should be used to direct the reader to relevant information that relate to the election or ballot measure. In contrast to "additional reading" (which links to additional news articles) this section should link to websites that relate to the measure.

This section follows the "See also" section and precedes "Additional reading" and "References."

For example, examples of external links include:

  • Election website
  • Secretary of State website
  • State list of certified or proposed ballot measures
  • State ballot
  • Link to a pdf of the text of the measure
  • Campaign websites (support or opposition)

NOTE: even if you have already linked to the site within the article, you may want to add them to this section so that they are highlighted as key sites to be aware of.

NOTE 2: If the section becomes to cluttered, you may consider including subsections. For example:

==External links==
===Basic information===
* Text of measure link goes here
* Voter guide link goes here

* Support campaign website link goes here
* Facebook support link goes here
* Twitter support link goes here

* Opposition campaign website link goes here
* Facebook opposition link goes here
* Twitter opposition link goes here


See article: Washington_Domestic_Partners_Rights_and_Responsibilities,_Referendum_71_(2009)#External_links
==External links==
* [http://www.secstate.wa.gov/elections/initiatives/text/r071.pdf Text of Referendum 71 application]
* [http://vote.wa.gov/Elections/WEI/Results.aspx?RaceTypeCode=M&JurisdictionTypeID=-2&ElectionID=32&ViewMode=Results Washington Referendum 71 Election Results] ''([[dead link]])''
* [http://apps.leg.wa.gov/billinfo/summary.aspx?bill=5688&year=2009 Text of SB 5688]
* [http://protectmarriagewa.com/ Website of "Protect Marriage Washington," supporters of overturning SB 5688]
* [https://wei.secstate.wa.gov/osos/en/PreviousElections/2009/GeneralElection/Pages/OVG_20091103.aspx?ElectionID=32&sorttype=Measures Washington Ballot Measures Online Voter Guide 2009] ''([[timed out]])''
* [http://whosigned.org/ WhoSigned], group opposing R-71
* [http://blogs.secstate.wa.gov/FromOurCorner/index.php/2009/08/r-71-thursday-error-rate-nudges-to-15-percent/ Washington Secretary of State blog], which maintains a count on signature validity.
* [http://wei.secstate.wa.gov/osos/en/initiativesReferenda/Pages/R71_Litigation_State.aspx Referendum 71 Litigation in State Court] ''([[dead link]])''
* [https://web.archive.org/web/2/http://wei.secstate.wa.gov/osos/en/initiativesReferenda/Documents/Oral%20Ruling%20by%20Judge%20McPhee.pdf Oral ruling by Judge Thomas McPhee, 9-8-09]

Which will appear as:

"Additional reading" section

Adding additional information to state measures always adds more substance for readers. Such links may include news articles or editorials about the proposed measure.

Even if included in footnotes on the page, you may consider adding them in "additional reading" as well in order to highlight a significant event during ballot measure campaign (example: lawsuit, controversies, etc.).

NOTE: Some sections can get particularly long. If that is the case, create multiple columns using {{colbegin|2}} and {{colend}}


See article: Maine_Tax_Code_People's_Veto,_Question_1_(June_2010)#Additional_reading
==Additional reading==
* [https://web.archive.org/web/2/http://wbztv.com/wireapnewsme/Maine.s.voter.2.1739935.html ''Associated Press'', "Maine's Voter Turnout Appears To Be Low," June 8, 2010]
* [http://www.businessweek.com/ap/financialnews/D9G7AAF00.htm ''Associated Press'', "Mainers vote whether to keep or overturn tax law," June 8, 2010]
* [http://coloradoindependent.com/54926/a-new-path-for-colorado-maine-votes-on-new-tax-structure ''The Colorado Independent'', "A new path for Colorado? Maine votes on new tax structure," June 7, 2010]

Which will appear as:

"References" section

Newspaper articles or similar sources that you're relying on for some of your information should be included as reference footnotes, following these citation conventions, which you can see in practice here.

Note that as soon as you add the first citation footnote to an article, you must add a "References" section that includes the {{reflist}} or {{reflist}} tag, or your citation won't show up for your reader as a clickable link.

In other words, be sure to type a "References" section heading, after your "External links" section:

Code example:


How to cite a source

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