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This page is a content-and-style guide about how to title an article relating to the Congress project.

Profiles of members of Congress

See also: Help:Naming conventions (people)

For profiles of members of Congress before getting started on the article itself you need to determine what to name the article. For most profiles, this will be relatively straightforward; use the officeholders name.

Redirecting pages

However, there are cases in which an officeholder is usually referred to by a shortened version of their name or a nickname. In such situations, you will want to use the name most commonly used by the state office, media, etc.

Michael Mulvaney, for example, is usually referred to as Mick Mulvaney. In this case. Create the main page as Mick Mulvaney. However, you will also want to start a secondary page called Michael Mulvaney but instead of adding a profile to this page, you will want to create a redirect to Mick Mulvaney.

Add #REDIRECT [[other page title here]] to the secondary page in order to redirect the page. (See also: Help:Redirecting a page)

Duplicate names

When two people have the same name, add their state to the end of their article title (like John Barnes, Indiana) and then create a disambiguation page that lists the two names (like John Barnes). Add {{disambig}} to the page so that it shows up in the Special:Disambiguations page.

Profiles of congressional districts

Profiles about congressional districts should be named in the following fashion: <State name>'s<#><congressional district> In other words, an article about the fifth congressional district in South Carolina would be named:

For states that end in S, simply add an apostrophe to make it possessive. For example:

Profiles of committees

The committee page should receive a title following the format: <United States><CHAMBER><COMMITTEE>. For example:

Once that committee page is created, redirects should also be established for the following titles:

  • U.S. House Committee on Agriculture
  • United States House Committee on Agriculture
  • U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Agriculture

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