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This page is a content-and-style guide about how to create a "Related measures" section for a state ballot measure article.
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The related measures component of the article will:

  • Give another dimension to the article pertaining to past related measures in that particular state
  • Allow the reader to see other related ballot measures in other states that same year
  • Have related measures in the same year that will be up-to-date as far as official election results, if they are certified for the ballot, if they were filed, but never placed on the ballot, if are still being reviewed by their respective legislature, if they are being circulated, or if signatures have been filed.
  • Include links to other articles in the wiki that pertain to related measures.
  • Describes those related measures and the controversies surrounding them, election results, sponsors, and other useful percentages that will allow the reader to put that particular issue (marijuana, marriage, hunting, etc.) into a historical and present-day context.
  • Correctly reference research links, and incorporate those external links into the section

Procedures to building the section

Step 1: The related measures section will not always be included in articles. The reason for this is that there are not always certain trends in particular issues that will warrant a "Related measures" component. Ballotpedia categorizes each permanent article under a certain political topic. For example, at the end of each page, there will be a categories that the article is filed under. This will read as follows:

  • Category:Marijuana, Arizona


  • Category:Marijuana, 2010

This depends on the state and year the ballot measure article is dealing with. Some political topics will not have much filed under particular states. For example, Indiana may not have an in-depth history of ballot measures that pertain to "abortion," so the writer may not choose to include this section due to lack of writing material.

However, some states may have a history of these ballot measures. Those are the articles that will need to include a related measures section.

In order to find out if "marriage" has always been a big ballot issue in (for example) Alabama, check the "Category:Marriage and family, Alabama" page on the wiki. If there is no page dedicated to this, cover all of your bases and research if there have been related measures. You will need to know how to search the google news archives. In order to do this:

Final product

After taking these steps into account, a model section should be related to the one shown below. These are just examples and do not reflect actual occurrences:

Past measures in the state

In the past 10 years in the state of Arizona, there have been six proposed ballot measures on Marijuana. Of these six, two have failed to make the ballot. Of the four that made it to the ballot, two were defeated, and two were passed, leaving a historically 50% percent change for marijuana measures in Arizona to be approved in the last decade. Some of those notable measures included:

  • A 2002 ballot initiative was sent to the ballot on November 2, 2002. It was sponsored by the Arizonans for Medical Marijuana and failed to be approved, with a vote of 999,123 opposed to 777,991 in favor. If enacted, the measure would have allowed medical marijuana to be home grown by those who had been prescribed by a doctor.
  • A 2005 ballot initiative was sent to the ballot, and was approved on November 7, 2005. It was sponsored this time by The Real Green Party of Arizona and was approved with a vote of 898,345 in favor to 732,212 opposed. The measure would have allowed medical marijuana to be distributed by dispensaries, which would have been required to be set up in rural areas. However, the measure was later repealed by the Arizona Legislature in the ensuing legislative session.
  • The most recent initiative was in 2008, when The Arizona Medical Marijuana Hopeful Foundation began circulating a petition about medical marijuana, but failed to turn in signatures in time for the 2010 petition drive deadline. The measure would have asked voters whether or not to allow for the sale of medical marijuana from local dispensaries.

Current related measures

In 2010, 6 other states had measures dealing with marijuana sent to the ballot. All six passed giving the marijuana issue a 100% approval in that year. However, 4 proposed measures in other states failed to make the ballot.

As of February 2, 2011, two previously approved measures have so far been repealed. In Arizona, the medical marijuana measure was overturned due to constitutionality issues. Another, in Arkansas, was overturned due to related circumstances.

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