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This writing guide explains how to add appropriate "Templates" for a local ballot measure article.


Vertical templates

At least one vertical issue template and a table of contents template should be added at the beginning of any local ballot measure article. Vertical templates automatically "float" to the right of the page. The issue template is selected based on what topic the ballot measure concerns. For example, a local ballot measure concerning a city sales tax would feature the template called "Taxes", and a local ballot measure concerning the use of property or zoning for a development project would feature a template called "Property." A list of categories and corresponding issue templates can be found here.

The table of contents template can be modified through certain parameters found on this page.

If a local ballot measure article is long and text heavy, vertical templates can be added in other sections of the article. For example, if a ballot measure concerns zoning changes to allow an oil drilling/fracking project, the "fracking" template could be put at the top of the page and the "property" template could be added at an appropriate spot lower down in the article.


The following installation code should be added to the very beginning of every local ballot measure article:

{{ISSUE NAME}}{{tnr}}



Horizontal templates

At least two horizontal templates should be added at the bottom of every article in the "References" section immediately below the "reflist" template. Generally the templates are {{STATE counties}} and {{STATE}}, for example, {{California counties}} and {{California}}.


{{STATE counties}}

For local ballot measures concerning tax measures in California, the "California" template should be replaced by the "Taxes in California" template.

Poll templates

See the local ballot measures writing guide for Polls to see how to add poll templates to an article about a local ballot measure.


Below are links to completed ballot measure articles featuring the use of templates:

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