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This page is a content-and-style guide about how to add the section "Vacancies" to state office articles in the State Executive Officials Project.
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This section is added to profiles about state-specific offices. This includes articles like Governor of Texas or Lieutenant Governor of Alabama.

This section features:

  • the Article # of the state constitution that details vacancy appointment or the relevant text from state statutes/code
  • the process for filling vacancies (special election, temporary appointment, automatic appointment)
  • wiki-links to the state officer that would fill the position (for example: in most states if the Governor office becomes vacant, then the Lt. Gov. fills the position until the next election).


Below is an example of how this section would appear in an article. See also: Governor of Colorado.


See also: How gubernatorial vacancies are filled

Details of vacancy appointments are addressed under Article IV, Section 13.

If the office of the governor is vacant, temporarily or permanently, for any reason, the lieutenant governor takes over all the duties and responsibilities of the office. Once the lieutenant governor assumes the governorship, as acting governor, she will appoint a replacement for the now-empty lieutenant governorship.

If the actual elected lieutenant governor is unable to discharge the office or if both the governor's and lieutenant governor's offices are vacant, the position(s) shall be filled by the highest ranking member(s) of the General Assembly who belong to the same party as the elected officer(s) who vacated her position.

In reference to either the governor or lieutenant governor being unfit for office due to physical or mental illness, the office holder may either deliver a written statement to legislature declaring himself no longer able to serve, or the Colorado Supreme Court may hold a hearing to deem the office holder not physically or mentally fit for office.

Additionally, if an appointed governor serves more than half of a four year term, for purposes of applying term limits, he shall be considered to have served a full term.

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