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This page is a content-and-style guide about adding videos to articles about Congress.
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YouTube videos




  • VIDEOCODE is the series of numbers and letters in the YouTube url for the video. If you click the share button on a YouTube video, you get a url like this: http://youtu.be/YEDBQ5LiuAo. The video code is what appears after the backslash -- in this instance, YEDBQ5LiuAo.
  • PX is how wide, in pixels, you want the video to show up. For a video standing alone, 350 is usually a good width. For several videos next to each other, 250 might be better.
  • CAPTION is the space to enter the words you want to show below the video. You may include hyperlinks in the caption text.


The following code:

{{youtube|title=YEDBQ5LiuAo|size=250|caption=January 2012 ad about [[Tom Latham]]}}

Displays as:

January 2012 ad about Tom Latham

Placement in page

If you simply insert the video code into a page, the site will place the video in along the righthand side where it best fits. If you want the video to appear under a specific heading, this option doesn't always work out perfectly. To force the site to display the video in a precise spot, you can use table coding:

The following code:

{{youtube|title=YEDBQ5LiuAo|size=250|caption=January 2012 ad about [[Tom Latham]]}}

Displays as:

January 2012 ad about Tom Latham

Using several videos

To include multiple videos in a row, you can use table coding. For multiple rows, you can just start a new table below the first one.

The following code:

{{youtube|title=YEDBQ5LiuAo|size=250|caption=January 2012 ad about [[Tom Latham]]}}
{{youtube|title=KfTAd-5kENs|size=250|caption=January 2012 ad about [[Rob Cornilles]]}}
{{youtube|title=4mryjsaKVfc|size=250|caption=October 2011 ad about [[Bill Johnson (Ohio)|Bill Johnson]]}}
{{youtube|title=Cx25fZAUcvs|size=250|caption=April 2012 ad about [[Richard Lugar]]}}
{{youtube|title=t2dmDa_4-uw|size=250|caption=April 2012 ad about [[Jon Bruning]]}}
{{youtube|title=ArAD8T-V080|size=250|caption=April 2012 ad about [[Scott Keadle]]}}

Displays as:

January 2012 ad about Tom Latham

January 2012 ad about Rob Cornilles

October 2011 ad about Bill Johnson

April 2012 ad about Richard Lugar

April 2012 ad about Jon Bruning

April 2012 ad about Scott Keadle


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