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Wyoming's 2011 session concludes

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March 31, 2011


CHEYENNE, Wyoming: The 2011 session in Wyoming ended on March 3, 2011.

The Wyoming State Legislature has a session length of 40 legislative days.

The following statistics summarize the 2011 session in the Senate and House.[1]

  • 432 bills were introduced
  • 204 bills were passed
  • The supplemental budget was signed on March 2, which included $720,943,413 in additional spending

Wyoming is one of a handful of states that will not address redistricting in 2011. The legislature is scheduled to redraw the state maps during the 2012 budget session. Meanwhile, the Joint Corporations, Elections & Political Subdivisions Interim Committee will begin drafting some maps to be introduced during that session. That session will be 20 days and start on February 13, 2012.[2]

Wyoming was the second legislature to adjourn in 2011, after Virginia. Virginia however will be returning for a special session to complete redistricting. Wyoming legislators earn $150 per day that the legislature is in session, as well as $109 per day in per diem.

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